Eighth Notes

Her life; an unrequited dream.
Nobody sees what she can see-
Her mind full of harmonized screams.
This isn’t what she meant to be.
Every night; around half past three-
The train howling shatters her peace.
Telling her that she isn’t free-
She’ll never live unless she leaves.



Getting high just to survive.
Grasping wings to feel alive.
Giving up on a broken soul.
Grieving the loss of control.
Gambling against loaded dice-
Gazing into true demise.
Gasping air that suffocates-
Grappling with a choice in fate.
Gravitating towards the daze-
Gliding through life in a haze.
Growing less aware of time-
Guarding the heart from the mind.
Greeting the relief from pain.
Going beautifully insane.

Dream State

Trapped in a dream state.

Feeling foggy. Feeling faint.


Feeling fate.

Sealing destiny.

Destroying legacy.


Legends living.

Loving, loving you.

Red Lines

Twisters on the horizon,
Spinning out of control-
Sensual destruction;
Of their very souls.
Monsoons in the sunset,
Disturbing peaceful tides.
The moon begins to ebb –
Across the stormy skies.
Lighting strikes at midnight.
Electricity fills the bones.
Two flashes of the purest light;
Fade away into empty ghosts.
Flooding in the valley,
Fire falling from above-
Beautifully, while sadly,
Painting red lines of love.

Standing on the watchtower-

Watching us be devoured. 

I’m screaming out your name-

Soaking in your burning rain. 


The flames have consumed-

Every inch of me and you.

Just look whats become of us-

Is there a chance we’ll rise up from ashes?


Weak are these broken knees-

One step and they’ll crumble with ease.

So much pain has come this way-

These hearts have started to decay. 


The flames have consumed-

Every inch of me and you.

Could we find enough love to trust-

Is there a chance we’ll rise up from ashes?


My back against the ground I see the sky-

So many images flashing by my eyes. 

You’re drifting away into the stars-

You’re up so high, and I’ve fallen so far.


The flames have consumed-

Every inch of me and you.

All these memories hold us back-

From the rise back up.


I feel this has been the final call-

So come back for me to change it all.

Meet me back under our old sky-

Lets learn to control this raging fire.


The flames have consumed-

Every inch of me and you.

We’re still fighting though the past-

To rise up from ashes. 

Without You

Without you, my love would be quiet-

But I would find no peace.

Without you, my life would become a riot-

But the turmoil would fail to ever cease. 

I’ve got bruises on my hands-

And my knees are shaking.

I dont want to fight to stand,

My heart won’t stop breaking.

Fear is flashing through me-

Like the light off of a blade.

The embers of my soul-

Drift away and fade.

Without you, my heart would be empty-

But it would never fill.

Without you, the screams would be deadly-

But my world would be forever still.

Its going to be such a long fall-

On my way to the floor.

If I fall; if I fall at all-

Before you reach the door.

Sunlight through the window-

But its dark and damp inside.

Hearing the lonely whispers-

Of a distant happy time. 

Without you, nothing would be what it seems-

But only what I thought I once knew.

Without you, there would be no more dreams-

But I’d still wish this wasn’t true.

My Love

I’m not proud to me.

I’m so blind yet claim to see.

Just put your memories in the past,

Stop living for what can never last.

Running down this insane path,

Driving you mad, making you laugh. 

The moon glistens off your eye-

And keeps reminding you what its like to feel alive.

People come and people go-

Never knowing what the others know.

So look up into the sky above-

And tell me, who knows anything about my love?